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JD4: My knee again

It wouldn’t be me if something didn’t go wrong again… As I was jogging through the dark park last night, suddenly I realised that my knee was hurting.040620131688After I finished off my 5km loop that lead me through this Christmas like scenery:040620131690

040620131692I took a long shower and hoped for some improvement but unfortunately, it are my ligaments again so no chance this will be over by any miracle. According to V, the problem is not serious at all – as long as I give it a couple of weeks rest. What??????? Juneathon has only just started and I should rest? Need a bit of time to figure out what else to do should running/walking continue hurting as it does now.

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2 thoughts on “JD4: My knee again

  1. Athena on said:

    there’s always press-ups. Veel beterschap!

  2. Yeah. Although I probably prefer running through pain than to do them…

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