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JD3: It is never too late…

…to run.

Long day with several meetings, long car drive and a logistic nightmare with the kids again. However, one must jog, log and blog!

030620131675I was away almost all day and after a quick recovery at home (bathing and feeding the babies) off I went – passing the ATM machine and mailbox, to make myself at least remotely useful while running.

Have I mentioned I am scared in dark parks?



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7 thoughts on “JD3: It is never too late…

  1. Athena on said:

    Choose a safe route for your girls. They need you!

  2. Spät aber doch. Vcera jsem se vratila z prace po 21 a po nezbytnych ukonech jsem ve 22 usoudila, ze je pozde na tahani gum (vymluva).Priste si vzpomenu na tvuj vybeh a zvednu zadek z kresla.Dik.

  3. Running at dusk is my favourite time of day, but I agree it’s not always safe so take care.

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