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JD2: Summer Day

Summer came after all and as it was Sunday, we planned a family day in the park.

020620131663In order to include some Juneathon excercise, I decided to walk with the twin stroller to the park while V was driving there. We met there and continued walking together.020620131664

Turns out we are not the only family with babies…



Back home we even contemplated the idea of a barbecue but decided against it (all the BBQ gear is still rusty after the long winter and our laziness prevailed). Around 9 pm I ran 5 km.

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6 thoughts on “JD2: Summer Day

  1. The baby ducks were out in force at my local park today. Well done for fitting Juneathon into your busy life, keep it up……good luck!

  2. plustenner on said:

    such cute ducklings! well done on keeping it going

  3. Very cute, well done on keping up the exercise, v impressive with two very little ones!

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