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JD1: Hard start

I knew it was going to be tough. But not this tough.

This June caught me in a poor physical shape, still sort of recovering from the delivery, too heavy and too tired/sleepy to run on regular basis. Worst of all, this June caught me off guard when it comes to time management. How does one steal an hour a day between breast feeding, baby bathing, raising two babies, working full time and trying not to get insane? That is what this year’s Juneathon will be about. So here we are, day 1:010620131659First of all, we bought a baby stroller number 4. Next to a jogging beauty and 2 terrain ones, we now also have a proper twin vehicle:

DSC_0021This resulted in a family walk downtown.

Somehow I feel walking this year won’t be enough so tonight I added 4 miles of jogging. Wishing luck and happy feet to all of you, my fellow Juneathoners.010620131660

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10 thoughts on “JD1: Hard start

  1. Wow that is an impressive looking piece of kit! Good luck for Juneathon.

  2. Mum to twins and Juneathoning?! Officially Supermum! Well done.

  3. Tenhle mesic bude vyzadovat jeste vic sil nez ty predtim. Ale treba te to i pres tu namahu obohati. Hlavne, aby te to nedobilo 🙂 Drz se.

  4. plustenner on said:

    Oh I remember those twin bugies well! you are indeed supermom

  5. Renca on said:

    To pak až poběžíš bez kočáru, to budeš přímo lítat 🙂 Skvělý, vedeš si skvěle!

    • Pockej, Renco, ty sneci behaci casy jsou bez kocaru! S kocarem zatim jenom normlni chuze = turistika, alespon dokud nebudou holky sedet… Takze s tim litanim to nebude tak horky.

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