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Medal without racing

After testing my A.D. running abilities yesterday, this morning (after a night full of crying, feeding, cuddling and crying again) I left my bed at 6.30 am. I had to go running again…
200420131570I haven’t been downtown with my running shoes since last December and somehow, intuitively, that was where I wanted to go. One of the reason was the Singelloop, a 6.6km annual run around the historical city centre – my first race last year, my first running race ever! Last night I missed it so I wanted to check if there were still any remains of it today.

200420131571To my surprise, I haven’t found anything that would even remotely remind of a running race with 5000 runners along the city centre canals. All was clean and quiet. I guess the cleaning guys had a loooong night. 200420131572



200420131575I did not want to go further than 2 km down the main canal but then I suddenly remembered there was this one cemetary that I always wanted to visit but never had the time or opportunity. Funny enough, the gate was open this morning:200420131576


Half an hour later my 5.5 km loop was done and I was back at our city gate. What a beautiful morning!200420131578

And there is a bonus to it too – so that I always remember why it pays to get up early: at the end of my run, I picked up the Singelloop medal from the cobble stones. So here I am – no race but still one shiny medal!


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8 thoughts on “Medal without racing

  1. Podle fotek nadherny vybehnuti.Rano nebeham, jsem k nepouziti, ale ted vidim, o co prichazim. A ta nalezena medaile..pekny, symbolicky – vis ty co? Ty si ji zaslouzis.

  2. Zkus to, bude se ti to libit. Brzo rano mas pocit, ze mas svet jenom pro sebe.

  3. Renča on said:

    Tak to určitě nebylo samo sebou, že jsi tu medaili našla 🙂 Taky se nemůžu moc přinutít k ranním běhům. Ale když to překonám, většinou je z toho krásný zážitek. To nízký sluníčko, klid, ranní chlad, krásně se dýchá … a taky mám takový subjektivní pocit, že ten den je nějaký delší 🙂

    • Renco, ta medaile, to je desna symbolika, vid. Jinak souhlasim s tebou ohledne rana: po rannim vybehu a sprse mam vzdycky strasne prijemnej pocit, ze uz mam za sebou nejaky vykon – den zacina tak nejak lip a je delsi.

  4. Irene on said:

    I love your blog – I’m a Leiden runner too and am enjoying looking back through your posts on your routes etc. Hurray for the Singelloop medal – I can assure you the race was chaos – so I think getting up early to cover the route on your own was a good idea!

  5. It’ll be my first half! Eeeek! I ran the 5km there last year – only started running last year!

    • Great! Last year, we ran the Leiden 1/2M and it was my first half and it was really a great experience. But you probably read about it somewhere on my blog. This year, I consider 5K or 10K and then hopefully the full M in 2014. Good luck with your running!

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