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My first run A.D.

Today E turned 6 weeks (A.D. = After Delivery) and I decided to celebrate this major milestone by… running! It has been 4,5 months now since I stopped running/moving/exercising so regardless my state of mind (“I have to run or I go nuts!”) I promised myself to take it very very very very easy.

My plan was basically just to run round the block and see if I can manage to run for 10 minutes or so. The idea was to get up really early – not to scare pedestrians and other people on their way to work and not to wake E up. Of course plans are there to be ruined. E woke up the moment I moved towards the bathroom. So instead of testing the physical abilities of my deteriorating body under the shadow of dawn, I was feeding her, changing her nappy, feeding again, cuddling her to sleep, changing the nappy and feeding yet again.

Cut – one hour later:

Finally I managed to put on the running shoes and pants (Are these mine? They are soooo small!) and even remembered to pick the Garmin (all covered in dust on the shelf in my study) and actually left the house.

The streets were already filling up with dog walkers and kids on their way to school but heeey, who is the runner here? With my new postnatal pace (8 min per km) I waddled towards the nearest park…. The misery of hanging breasts, sore legs and tiny lungs followed me all the way but I knew that it was just a temporary feature. The endorphins would strike in soon. Or not?funny-fat-people-running-bear

After 1 km, I was tired but it was not worse than after the first 100 m so what else was there to do but run further? For three reasons, I regretted not to have the stroller with E in front of me:

1.     I could have used it to support myself as I was running;

2.    The people watching me would understand that I am not yet another good weather fat wannabe runner but I have a baby to blame for the miserable shape of my body;

3.    I would have felt less guilty for leaving E at home with V, crying.

After yet another km I realized I did not bring my iPod with me so I started looking for some suitable tune in my own memory. And there it came, the Flying Circus mobile that is hanging above E’s bed to help her to fall asleep (ehm – not working!), with 4 little elephants turning there, singing… how peaceful…

One more bridge and 2 more crossroads and here I am, after 3.6 km back at home, happy and just on time to feed again!

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8 thoughts on “My first run A.D.

  1. Athena on said:

    Welcome to motherhood. Only 18 years ’til E moves house.

  2. Thanks, useful tips welcome!

  3. Parada! Uplynulo 6T a tys vybehla..Obdiv velkej, tvoje vule je neskutecna 🙂 Fandim ti kudy chodim, kudy beham! (a A.D. mi pobavilo 🙂

  4. Diky, Ivo. To A.D. je pro nas typicky, protoze zmena je to fakt velika. A ty moje upachteny 3 km – no hruza, ale nejak zacit musim…

  5. Well done on your first run, that’s a great start!

    Big hugs to you, V and little E ❤

  6. Jsi dobrá, jsi fakt sakra dobrá! A mně to můžeš věřit, protože – jak víme – vím, o čem mluvím 😉 Mimochodem – po 6N jsem měla hroznou chuť nechat si natisknout na triko “nejsem tlustá, mám doma mimino!” 😉 (teď bych si tam napsala: “mám doma nespavý malý dítě a pomalu běhám schválně!” :-D)
    A “jen” tři kilometry jsou přesně o tři kilometry víc, než kolik ten den uběhla většina obyvatel planety 😉

    • Diky, Jitko. Priznavam, ze jsem s tim behem tech dvou mil chtela aspon 50x seknout – jenomze what are the alternatives? Domu jsem stejne musela a doma bych si pak akorat nadavala. Je to ale fakt boj a pokracuju vlastne i diky ostatnim bloggerum, stydela bych se sama pred sebou

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