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4 weeks that changed my world

Tomorrow E will reach an important milestone: 4 weeks with us!

If you ask me, our life has changed in every possible way. But what’s more important: E is changing so much! Every day she looks a bit different: she grows, smiles, moves, makes noises. We still maintain a small beam of hope that she will learn to SLEEP as well…

Little by little I am thinking about the running shoes hidden deep in the dark corner of our shoe cabinet, about my running shorts (that won’t fit, I am sure) and a sweat shirt… So far my attempts to get my body back to shape remain at a low-level short stroller walks in the neighborhood but rumor goes that in the near future, a couple of running minutes each day should be doable.  Dear readers, get ready for my next post reporting on ‘How I started running again.’


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6 thoughts on “4 weeks that changed my world

  1. Athena on said:

    sleep is over-rated! Just wait until 8 weeks. so much more fun in store!

  2. Encouraging…

  3. Like a magic touch… and E will start sleeping..
    What you will do with so much spare time??? I know!! I know! You gonna start running.. 🙂
    Your blue support team! 12:)

  4. Oh they do change so much don’t they – almost overnight! I hope you get her into a routine soon x

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