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Thank you, Czech Bloggers!!!

Slightly irritated (as I just managed to cuddle the little nipple-devil to sleep) I opened the door. Luckily our postman always rings twice.


THANK YOU, guys, my eyes are full of tears as I am unpacking the beautiful presents for the little jogger-to-be…  I never would have thought that belonging to a virtual running-blogging community feels this good. Of course now we have no excuse but to come to Prague and to run and drink beer again. So we will!

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2 thoughts on “Thank you, Czech Bloggers!!!

  1. Jsem ráda, že máte radost!! Je to vzájemný! Těším se ty zápisy na RF. A na tu hospodu dvojnásob. Ať vám to běhá/jezdí/drandí/sviští 🙂

  2. Snazime se, snazime – ale zatim nam vsechno jde dost pomalu :-).

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