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2012 at its end…

It was an excellent year, my first RUNNING YEAR. I started running on January 1 (my first 10K in many many years) and continued till the end of November when my 28 weeks pregnant body asked met to give it a break… So to show off a bit:

I did not quite make it to the magical 1000 miles marker but honestly, I am very happy with my 1565 km in 11 months. On top of it, I cycled 950 km, walked 316 km, peddled 30 km in a canoe, ice skated 76 km, swam 4 km and cross trained 100 km.

All together, the ‘moving forward’ total was 3100 km and took 340 hours. This means that with the exception of my horizontal-pregnant December, I was exercising at least an hour a day!

On top of it, in January, I exercised for 31 consecutive days (Janathon) and in June, I ran for 30 consecutive days (Juneathon). Both highly recommended events that keep you running and blogging for the entire month!

I ran a half marathon, 10 mile race, 10 km race and a 6 km race.

I was not alone: of course, the baby in my belly was there since the beginning of June, but there was V by my side and all the blogging and running friends! So thank you all for your never ending support, for kicking my ass to get moving. I owe you!

Happy New Year!311220121524

P.S. The picture does not show that I hung my running gear aside – quite the contrary:  It is hanging ready to be used any time soon…


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21 thoughts on “2012 at its end…

  1. plustenner on said:

    wishing you all the best for 2013 xx

  2. A great year for you – well done and a Happy New Year!

  3. Dear Ladies,
    Thanks for your wishes. Happy Janathon!!!

  4. Ty, ako tak pozeram, si tiez na cisla 🙂
    Happy new year!

  5. Renča on said:

    Great achievements! Good luck in 2013 … I think there will be one more statistic – running with pram 😉

  6. Happy New Year 🙂

  7. What a wonderful year it was too! Here’s to another year full of adventures and new beginnings xx

  8. Krásná čísla, fakt že jo. Přeji Ti/vám v roce 2013 hodně štěstí a zdraví, ať se vše daří

  9. 1bubobubo on said:

    Neskutečná čísla, neskutečné výkony! Je vidět, že si opravdu s radostí sportovala celý rok. Tak hodně štěstí a hlavně zdraví do roku 2013 a klidný a postupný návrat k sportovním aktivitám (s kočárkem se dá běhat i jezdit na in-linech :-)) MSF. Petr

  10. Ty bláho! Matematická duše plesá nad závratnými čísly, běžecká duše plesá nad množstvím vyplavených endorfinů 🙂 Byl to super rok! Ten příští bude asi logisticky náročnější, ale věřím, že o to víc radosti přinese. Držím palce a přeju, ať všechno klapne. i.

  11. 12honzade on said:

    Koukam, ze se muj drivejsi komentar nejak nezobrazil.. tak aspon kratce..
    all the best!
    As a statistician I can only wish you this year to be an average year… Better that the last year and the worst than coming years…:)
    Happy new year! Cheers, 12:)

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