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Preggo Running VII. – Epilogue

26-28 weeks: All went well throughout the second trimester and then yesterday (at 28w+1d) I returned from a routine gyn check with a new unexpected diagnosis: short cervix. Apparently, it is something that happens to many pregnant women as the baby is growing and her head/body/fluid press against the lower end of the womb. The one good remedy here is resting. Resting from work, from stress, from any physical activity. So here is my newest challenge: how do I go from full time job and active life to bed rest in 1 day?cervix

Not quite sure about that, so far I survived one day in bed – with my notebook and telephone next to me (what would one do without WiFi?).  Lazy days began… and finally I might have time to read all your blogs and comment on your posts :-).

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12 thoughts on “Preggo Running VII. – Epilogue

  1. Believe me … you will remember these days of rest 🙂

  2. Everybody says so, indeed. It is just difficult to remain passive. E.g. today, a friend of ours is helping us to empty one bedroom that we want to turn into a baby room. And I am just lying on the sofa doing nothing…

  3. plustenner on said:

    look after yourself and the babby xx

  4. Aw I bet you are gutted 😦 I will be making sure that I run Janathon for you in 2013 x
    Take it easy and yes, enjoy the rest – you deserve it after such a fantastic year and pregnancy so far. It’s going to be something really lovely to share with your new addition when they arre born 🙂 xx

    • Hi! Signed up for Janathon already? Great! Happy to hear you will be running for us as well, haha. It would be great if you dedicated one nice long run to us… And of course we hope you are still planning to try for babies yourselves in 2013!

      • I just got the email through tonight for Janathon so bit the bullet and signed up straight away! 🙂
        I’ll be sure to dedicate at least one long run to you!
        Yes we’re still trying in 2013 as well, it’s going to be straight after our Australia trip in August – I’m so excited already, it can’t come quick enough! How’s the nursery looking, have you gone for a theme of any kind? x

      • Our fingers crossed for your efforts… the one thing we know is that we will not be going to Australia next year :-(.
        Regarding nursery: our house is too small to be too creative about it. But we like white walls + bright colors of the accessories.

  5. There will be enough kilometers and miles.. all the roads and paths will wait for you.. take it easy.. Everything has its own time.
    Crossing my fingers! Cheers, 12:)

  6. you can knit while sitting still. or write. or read. or make lists. or sleep!

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