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Friday in Salzburg

The beginning of the third trimester caught us in Piesendorf again and as running really does not bring any joy anymore, we decided to switch to walking. The weather on Friday morning looked like packs of snow are going to come down on our heads – so why not to look up a city trip. Our choice quickly fell to Mozart’s pre-Xmas Salzburg.

For a change, we left the car parked in front of the house and took a train.301120121469With one stop over (in Zell am See), it took us less than 2 hours to get to Salzburg Hauptbahnhof which is about 2 km from the bautiful city centre. As we were walking along the river Salzach, the runner in me couldn’t have passed this sign unnoticed:

301120121479The biking and walking/jogging paths along the river are actually very inviting for a city run and there were quite some runners there. So Salzburg is definitely a place to return to once my belly gets flat again!301120121476

301120121477Austria has historically so much more in common with Czech republic than The Netherlands and after 12 years in NL, I always feel there like being at home. Especially with the Christmas tree and all the traditional Christmas cookies. V always teases me that the vanilla ‘rohlicky’ are actually Ausrian – which is of course not true!301120121485




For the music lovers, the house of Herbert von Karajan here301120121490


and Mozart, of course:


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4 thoughts on “Friday in Salzburg

  1. Salzburg looks great!

  2. Yes, it is a good place for a short city break. And the Alps are just minutes away…

  3. Marnix on said:

    Je maakt me jaloers 😉 Drie jaar in de jungle is net iets te lang, en kerstsfeer is er niet bij 25c

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