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Sinterklaas approaching

Early morning I dressed up and ran outside. How else a perfect weekend can start? I had no plans regarding the destination or distance, just decided to follow the gracht to the river and see depending on how I would feel after a mile or so. The sun was slowly coming up and the world around me was quiet and beautiful.

From the river, I turned to ‘my road’ and followed it till Leiderdorp park where some early birds were already walking their dogs and others playing field hockey. Luckily for me, there were still more than enough quiet paths to follow.

I even spotted something rather romantic (I think?):

My body felt good – no aching, no difficulty or discomfort with my belly, breathing nor legs so I just ran further down the road,

until I reached this windmill:

Ant close to that spot it hit me: today is the day when Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of St Nicolas or Mikulas, if you wish) is coming to town. All the Zwarte Piets (Black Pete’s, his helping buddies) were waiting already along the road:    According to the tradition, he is supposed to come from Spain on a steam boat – but I guess today I saw the modern version:

And so my run was again great: totally unexpectedly I got a chance to watch this show…

9 km.

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12 thoughts on “Sinterklaas approaching

  1. So picturesque! I especially love the photo of the windmill

  2. Yes, me too. It is a nice running path…

  3. cath121212 on said:

    You live in a beautiful place!

  4. Brilliant that you got to see the Zwarte Piets! I have very fond childhood memories of his hand round the door at Christmas throwing in Kruidnoten! What a wonderful run xx

  5. 12honzade on said:

    Very nice, indeed… It is well-known that unexpected nice moments and surprises come to those that have open eyes and hearts. 🙂
    Reading the post and looking at the pictures I second it. You have them both!
    Cheers, enjoy! 12:)

  6. Super! Vybehnout bez planu a ocekavani znamena usetrit energii pro pripadnou adjustaci 🙂 Pak staci bezet a uzivat si – i to, co ti nahodou cestu zkrizi – a to ty umis dokonale.

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