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Back to winter time

Yet another lazy Sunday morning downtown, just a couple of dogs with their owners packed in winter gear. Dry and sunny at times, not warmer than 5 degrees. I ran about 3 km along the city canal and did not want to run home…

  So I decided to discover the inner banks of the canal – with its old small graveyards, narrow paths through evenly narrow parks, all covered with yellow leaves. 

Back home, after 7 km, my reward was a long warm shower and hot coffee and the thought that I have all day ahead of me :-).

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7 thoughts on “Back to winter time

  1. Be running through thick snow soon!

  2. first, let me say a much belated congratulations!!!! I have been terribly remiss in my blogging activities, and so have been reading without offering any supportive anything. Probably out of jealousy since you run so much faster than I do.
    second, great photos!!! I was in the Hoge Veluwe Friday and got a nice dose of fall colour.

    • Thanks for the congratulations and welcome back. Do I run faster? My belly is growing as we speak and I haven’t been able to run 1 km under 7 minutes in ages…
      Hoge Veluwe at this time of the year is gorgeous. Keep running!

  3. plustenner on said:

    what a pretty place to run!

  4. Lovely places to run through! I feel it from the pictures.. Cheers, 12:)

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