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White morning

We are spending a week in the Alps and although I have some work to do, there is always time for a little morning run. As other bloggers noticed long before me, autumn is a great time of the year:

But in the mountains, the landscape can change overnight. This is how ‘my valley’ looked this morning:

Do you recognize this tree? Try to look at the first picture again…

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13 thoughts on “White morning

  1. Oh,
    it remains me that winter with snow could come soon..
    We must enjoy autumn as much as possible.
    Thank you for reminder..
    And wish you comfortable running days!

  2. I know we are to expect it here too very soon, but it always seems to surprise me. I think the Alps look pretty either way. Loved our trip to Lucerne a few years ago, I’d live there in a heartbeat. I’m writing a post about what I plan to do this winter, and I’ll link to your story here too. Great photo’s!

    • Thank you for the compliments. The mountains indeed are ALWAYS good – in all seasons. But winter, at least to me, is a bit more special. Will go to read your blog now :-).

      • Boomdeeadda on said:

        I see you are in the state of Salzburg, Austria which I’ve also visited and loved so much. So much beauty and the country side is gorgeous. We were lucky to visit the city of Salzburg during the Mozart Festival and had a great time at the fair and market. Loved it!

      • Salzburg is a great city full of culture and if you like classical music, you better spend some time there. The great thing is that within an hour you can be on the white Alpine slopes…

  3. plustenner on said:

    take it easy in the snow xx

  4. WOww great pics – made me shiver just looking at them! Once of my favourite training runs for VLM was in the snow…I can’ wait til we get it here (if we get any…). But do take care – not just you ot there running now!

    • Thanks, I am really slow and careful now. People passing me by must think I am at least 80 years old but do I care? No! Just slowly plodding on, enjoying the fresh air… Hope you will get some nice snow fall in UK as well – not on the road, just on the fields :-).

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  6. I almost recognize some fields and roads! I likely explored them recently!:)
    Great pictures! Thanks for refreshing my memories. Viva Alps! Cheers, 12:)

    • It is not bad there, is it. I am sure you recognize some places and the atmosphere! Feel free to come by next year – we can dump the baby with V and run around the lake together (of course I will NOT run it 3x like you….).

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