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Preggo running III.

18-20 weeks: Yesterday we crossed the magic pregnancy milestone of 20 weeks. In other words, we are half way through.

Today I was scheduled for what is called a big ultrasound check. During 30 minutes of thorough screening any major development faults should show there. The performing gynecologist  knew the wobbly history of this pregnancy very well so focused especially on the signs of correct growth of the baby. To cut a long and emotional (my mum was with me) story: all looks well and our baby girl is growing like a cabbage and looks exactly the 20 weeks she should.

Total weight gain: 5 kg (still hardly any belly visible)

So off to running: The past two weeks have found me in not too bad shape, actually. I more less managed my weekly 30 km mileage while totally stopped worrying about the speed. As the matter of fact, I started experimenting running without my Garmin. And, not surprisingly – it is a huge relieve not to check the time that frequently. Another positive point is the heartbeat: I manage to keep it under 150 at all times. However, I feel that time is coming when running will have to be substituted by other activities – at least partially.

Also, after summer outside, we have again enrolled for the gym. The reasons are:

– there is a WC next to the treadmills

– it is getting dark and cold and wet outside

– there is a WC next to the treadmills

– when not feeling like running, I can do other healthy exercises (or drink tea with fellow sport girls – have I mentioned the WC?)

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8 thoughts on “Preggo running III.

  1. plustenner on said:

    wonderful news!!! aaahhh, a little girl.. so many gorgeous clothes 🙂

  2. Great news! Sooooo with you on the loo close to a gym…

  3. 🙂 .. great.. I love your repeated note about toilets:). BTW, when I started to run regularly it was also one of the motives to stay at gym:). .. to be simply close:).. you know to what:). Cheers, 12:)

  4. Holčička, to je milé.
    Taky už běhám – teprve týden, ale běhám. K.

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