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Preggo running I.

First of all my apology for the pregnancy/baby ramblings – I do understand that people in general are not interested in the endless talks of pregnant women and vaguely I remember that 4 months ago I couldn’t care less myself – but it is the hormones in me talking today…

After several years of more less unsuccessful attempts I became pregnant in June. Moreover, this time my pregnancy survived the 8, 10 and 12 weeks and I actually just started my 17th week now. This is a quick attempt to note down some of the ‘pregnant running’ thoughts.

Did running help me to conceive?

First of all, I like to believe that running (and sporting in general) contributed to the fact that this pregnancy so far is developing well. I shaved off my overweight, gained a lot of strength and returned some healthy eating habits to my diet.

What do the docs say?

As I am 38 years old, of course I am being closely monitored by the medical world. As the matter of fact, after the somewhat disturbing CVS results in wk 12 (karyotype so wild with mosaic 3 and 4 (!) chromosomes that it is beyond comprehension that any baby would survive the first trimester), I am now consulting 2 gynecologists in 2 different hospitals, a midwife and a clinical genetic doc. All 4 of them were unanimous in their conclusions: If you were running before the pregnancy and if you are able to take it easy, the best thing to do is continue running as long as you can.

How do I feel?

Well, pretty good actually. Throughout the last weeks, while waiting for the results of the CVS, and this week while waiting for the amniocentesis results, I am actually very focused on my running routine. Yes, I have to build a break of several days every time somebody sticks a needle to my belly so it is getting increasingly difficult to maintain the forecasted 40 km a week (struggling with 30 km this week, actually) but other than that, I am really good. The 40 minutes outside with running shoes make my day better.

How is my body doing?

So far so good. My breasts obviously grew and a firm sports bra is a must. So are shoes with good cushioning (currently I am very happy with my Asics Nimbus). During my runs, I often feel thirsty (which is new to me as I usually drink very little) so a bottle of water is a new addition to my runs. The bottle belt is not that comfortable anymore while for a camel bag my distances are too funny, so I carry the bottle in my hand. Also, I have to pee quite often which pretty much eliminates the city center runs haha. So I am adding toilette paper to my pocket. Last but not least, I learned to carry a cell phone with me all the time and some money, just in case.

How is the baby doing?

From what the ultrasound shows, the baby likes to sleep while I move. The ultimate evidence being one recent medical check: I biked to see the midwife and she was ready to examine me right after I parked the bike. The baby was asleep and it took us some coughing and laughing to wake him/her up. Of course once he/she was awake, there was no way to stop him/her from kicking around anymore.A brief chronology:

0-6 weeks: I did not think I could be pregnant. Ran around quite actively (Juneathon, holiday in France with some trails and hill work), a beer/wine here and there…

6-8 weeks: after a positive test I deliberately slowed down my running pace – they say your body will give you signals… hmm, not quite…

8-12 weeks: The body signals came after all: my regular easy running pace slowed with half a minute or so (from 6:15 min p/km to 6:45 min p/km) and I started feeling tired during the day. Running funny enough chased the tiredness away and it helped a lot to maintain the regular ‘number 2’ routine (nobody ever warned me and constipation + a lot of gas are really the biggest problems right now). Morning sickness hit me in the afternoon. Gained 1 kg.

12-16 weeks: It was getting harder to maintain my running schedule, also due to medical checks (CVS in week 12, amnio in week 16). Less tired, not sick anymore. Ran a 10 km race in 15+3. So far gained 3 kg in total.

So to cut a long story short: although we don’t know where this pregnancy is going, I am feeling good and running definitely contributes to it. It helps me to get through the long and tiresome days well (and sane).

To be continued.

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20 thoughts on “Preggo running I.

  1. Congratulations and fingers crossed that everything continues to go smoothly. Listen to your body, run easy and enjoy your pregnancy plenty of years to catch up with running as the little one grows up. X

    • Thank you so much. I hope it is clear from this post that I am not aiming to go to the max, I just want to continue plodding on as it brings me so much joy – that is why I think it cannot be bad for the baby either. And I am a lazy runner. As the matter of fact, I am typing this while having my breakfast on the sofa… It it almost lunch time, beautiful Saturday with no plans at all…

  2. Gratuluju. To jsou hezké zprávy.

  3. plustenner on said:

    wonderful wonderful news!!! So happy for you – rest while you can LOL xx

  4. 12)honzade on said:

    great!!! it’s winderful series to follow!:) i definitely stay tuned! cheers, 12:)!

  5. Hezky se to čte, moc přeju , ať si to užíváš a je vše v pohodě .(Jsem si vzpomněla na své první tři měsíce u obou těhotenství a dost dobře si nedovedu představit, že bych běhala:-), jak mi bylo špatně ve dne v noci :-). Ale občas mě to přepadne a šla bych do toho snad znova .-).

  6. Congratulations! Great to see a fellow Janathon / Juneathon runner doing so well.

  7. Yippe – great news congrats to you both!

  8. Congratulations! It’s brilliant that you’ve been able to keep running and keep healthy through what sounds like a very busy time re docs, tests and hospitals! Fingers crossed for you and your little one! 🙂

    • Thank you. As the matter of fact, it is running that helped me to remain sane throughout this crazy period. We do hope everything will turn out well – but it is in the hands of Nature now.

      • I can imagine! I think I’d have lost it a million times over without my cross trainer! When things get rough, exercise can be priceless. Indeed; it’s always in the hands of Nature 🙂

      • Exactly. There is at least that one moment during the day that you do not have to think about the regular misery – you just run and let things go. Works for me. I never would have thought running would bring this positive mental effect – but it does and it is better than the physical advantages.

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