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How was July?

After a rather successful Juneathon (I did manage to run/log/blog every single day) July met me in a bit of a motivational dip. Luckily there were all the bloggers around who reassured me it is all right not to feel like moving every day. My golden motivational sentence: “I always feel better after a run than before” worked yet again and so at the end the RunSaturday statistics ended quite okay as I managed to plod over 150 km running km in July.

So all together, we had 4 sunny and warm days during which we could easily run barefoot on the beach. And we had a dear friend visiting us and we ourselves went to visit friends in Czech republic. And we finally bought our pied-a-terre in the Alps. And I picked up geocaching again.

Unfortunately, all the good things were washed away by some bad news: we have lost a dear friend. And it seems like I am not going to progress much with my running in the coming months (the Blue Team knows already but may not tell yet). The volumes and speed are already decreasing. Big question mark: the 10 km race in September in Prague.

But despite all the news and events, good and bad, the universal truth remains: running heals! Enjoy summer, all of you, and keep running!

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6 thoughts on “How was July?

  1. Sorry to hear about your dip in July, for me it’s been a dip in blogging as we’ve just been to preoccupied with our activities to then get online to blog about it! Great to hear you’ve picked up with the geocaching, you inspired us with your past posts and have taken it up ourselves… today in fact! Like two school girls when we found it, very excited! haha. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures in August, I promise to try harder with blogging too x

  2. Hi there! I keep you to the promise of blogging as we would love to hear news from you! Geocaching is so funny – we are just like you, happy with every little priceless treasure, after hours of crawling in mud… But then again, it gives a good reason to bike or run in new places. Keep running!

  3. sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

  4. I’m sorry to hear your sad news. Big hugs. Intrigued as to what the blue team knows that we don’t. And hey 150k is still amazing mileage! Triple what I managed I think!

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