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Juneathon Day 30: End

To be honest, I am happy it is over. Funny enough, it is not the running that’s killing but blogging… After a month of daily reports, there is really nothing to mention anymore. I guess my life is too boring to keep a diary. It is all work and running and eating and sleeping and planning my runs in logistically difficult situations.  Luckily I am not alone in this. My fellow Juneathoners and all runners/sporters go through the same issues daily. And that is what keeps us going: even when sometimes it feels lonely on the run, we are NOT alone.

So thank you for organising Juneathon (JogBlog), for participating in it (all my Juneathon friends) and for supporting me all the way (all other bloggers and non-virtual friends). With your support, I made it through June with 30 days of running totalling the I-would-have-never-dreamt-this number of 234 km!

It is Sunday tomorrow: there will be no running for a change but there will definitely be some sports and fun!

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10 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 30: End

  1. Well done you! I would have too agree – trying to think of something mildly entertaining everyday is a slog!

  2. plustenner on said:

    nice photos! 234 is a nice number 🙂

  3. Phenomenal mileage! Well done.

  4. Well done great mileage! See you in January… and before!

  5. Ooooh Love the km – 234 is a nice number. Well done I’ve really enjiyed your blogs and photos.

    • Good to hear. I will continue blogging (and running, I hope) and of course there is still Janathon! Good luck with your marathon and I am looking forward to read ALL about it!

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