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Juneathon Day 24: Cat

According to the weather forecast, the only dry moment of the day would be long enough to squeeze 5 km run in it. So between washing machine load nr 2 and nr 3, we quickly changed and went to ‘our’ lake. After the 5 km yesterday evening when I was tired and sleepy and yet managed to run under 29 minutes, I was wondering what my legs could do today. Well, surprisingly, I ran another fast 5 km. At least, fast for my books: 27.33!

Immediately after that I added 2.3 km of recovery run in an attempt to spot something interesting to blog about. There were many dogs around but all of them too fast to be caught for a photo. So I found a cat. One that did not move:

I seriously hope it will not be used to damage the beautiful lake banks. We’ll see next week.

Oh – have I mentioned the rain and wind??

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4 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 24: Cat

  1. You don’t need to mention the wind and rain! That goes without saying!!! Where is the summer….??!?

  2. Not in NL and not here in the UK either… somebody has definitely stolen the good weather! Well done again on another great 5km time, 27.33! Ha.. love the ‘cat’!

    • Weather: I think the French and the Spanish did…
      Cat: Everything is much more ‘industrial’ back home.
      Time: It came rather unexpected, 5km is not my thing at all, I will always be too slow for that. But thanks, of course!

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