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Juneathon Day 21: Longest

It is the longest day of the year today. And for us, this morning it was the longest trail of our holiday. It did not start so nice, at least not for this guy: As usually, we ran above our village and lost our breath in the first 2 kms. But then again, the views around here ARE breathtaking:

And instead of turning back down, we crossed the main road and disappeared in the wilderness to discover some additional paths. No people, just sheep and rocky paths. What an excellent exercise for our ankles!

After about 6 km we reached a small summit above Tourtour and from there, it was all downhills – better/wider paths and at the end regular roads. The two creeks we were supposed to pass were both dry.

Back home it turned out that our run was over 12 km long.

Ehm, and one girly remark to top the story: on our way home, we even managed to buy a table cloth for our garden table. It fit perfectly in the camelback (all water was finished by then, anyway).

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8 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 21: Longest

  1. your trip sounds wonderful!

    • Thank you. There are so many things to do and to discover – simple things: forests, hills, meadows, creeks, local markets… as the matter of fact, we were just watching fish and frogs in a small lake next to our house. Maybe I am getting old that I start liking the most simple things haha.

  2. Cracking pics! Trying to work out the first one… Is the ‘head end’ the end actually lacking the requisite head?

    • It is just a quick mobile phone shot. The head is there, on the left side. It is lacking its tail, though.

      • Maybe it’s one of those clever lizards than can detach its tail if it gets caught by a predator… and then grow it back later… Clever!
        … Or can I also see its guts spilling from its sides?…. Less clever.

      • The tail bit is indeed clever but something went wrong anyway as it all ended in a road kill situation…. By the way, about an hour later when I was passing that same spot, ALL of it was gone.

  3. fairweatherrunner on said:

    Looks like a lovely run. Can feel the warmth from those photos. Please send some to London!

    • Believe me, if I would, I could. It has been above 30 degrees here all week. From what I hear, Holland is no better than UK these days. Will be back in the cold and rainy reality tomorrow.

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