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Juneathon Day 11: Windmills

Rainy sky and the sounds of approaching thunder: time for my eleventh Juneathon run. I did not feel like getting into the car so the choices for some interesting or adventurous paths were rather limited. There are about 5-6 windmills in the sourroundings of our house. This is the one I passed by today (I told you it was raining):Here in Holland, windmills are a big deal. They come in many various types and shapes and there is even a scientific discipline dedicated entirely to the mills: molinology. The Dutch windmills are actually watermills. Huh? Let me explain: although they use the wind energy to turn the blades, the generated power is used to pump water from the fields to narrow canals and from these narrow ones to larger canals so that the entire country does not sink (too fast).

The blades (or sails, as they call them) have their own secret language: their position ‘tells’ various news from a distance. During wars, windmills used to be used for warnings and different secret signals but lets not complicate the matter and get back to the 4 basic sails stands:     Read from left top to right bottom this means (1) short break, (2) long break, (3) happy mode, (4) mourning mode. So unfortunately, no good news at this mill today…


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3 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 11: Windmills

  1. plustenner on said:

    that is so amazing!

  2. Very interesting – I’m off to google to find out more!

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