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Juneathon Day 2: Our lake

I must be the first Juneathoner blogging today. Our morning run (7 km around the lake) is done and logged and we are chaotically packing our evening gowns, epilating legs, having a shower, drinking coffee and looking for our beauty cases so that we can start the car and drive to Germany for the weekend. Each year, we try to indulge ourselves with some top classical music event, usually opera. And tonight is the night.

But back to running: it was a great morning at the lake with many dogs and fellow runners. Now that the temperature is still rather low, there are no sun tanners around so the red metal bike stands at the beach can be used for stretching.

Does it sound familiar to you that every since I started running I see so many people around me doing the same – or is it just my impression?

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4 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 2: Our lake

  1. I thought the red bike stands were hurdles!
    Great run for day two and I have to agree with you about seeing more runners around since starting running. But I’ve also seen many more since the weather has turned warmer (not so many when it’s raining and cold!). I’m guessing that’s when they all hide at the gym 😛
    Have a wonderful time at the opera, hope to hear about what it was like (I’ve never been!)x

  2. They look like hurdles, don’t they? The idea of jumping over them (and then landing on my feet), though, makes my knees ache :-).
    More runners and warmer weather – hmm, there is an idea indeed. We actually quit the gym in April as it felt much better to go running outside.
    Opera: will do our best, read more tomorrow. I do hope that both of you will spend a great Adventurous Jubilee Weekend!

  3. Definately – even my OH notices more since I’ve been running – he points thme out to me! Hope you enjoyed the opera.

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