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Why I got up early today?

Just a quick one to share 2 early morning pictures with you. I took them at my “stretching place” at the entrance of a small harbour, about 5 km from our house. There is a narrow dead end street leading there but the water along it is so cool that I don’t mind running this stretch back and forth. It always makes a nice and quiet (but windy) 10 km run.

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6 thoughts on “Why I got up early today?

  1. 12Honzade on said:

    You are the runner!!! These are I believe a typical quotes for addicts:) … Have fun and zillions of happy km! 12:)

  2. Surely you remember the old Czech(oslovakian) post-Chernobyl saying: “It is better to be today active than tomorrow radioactive.” Keep running, Silva Man!

  3. Oh it’s so beautiful. I would get up and do 10k every morning if I were you…and it looks lovely and flat!

  4. LOL! You post such lovely pictures. Where exact;y are you – I think I need to nook a hoilday to the region!

    • I live in Holland in a busy urban area – but as you can see even here there are beautiful green spots. The challenge is to look for them (and to find them).

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