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Recovery Run Random Ramblings

  • Yesterday, 8500 happy people enjoyed the running day in Leiden. Well, 8500 minus 1. According to the local paper, one of the runners died of a heart attack after finishing the 1/2M race. I do hope that media won’t use (abuse) this personal tragedy to support the wicked theory of how unhealthy running is…
  • My legs are sore but I am already checking the calendar for future races (is this normal?) – perhaps a 1/2M in Katwijk at the end of September?
  • Finally read Born to Run. Should I slowly start testing my own barefoot running abilities? Will do so next time on the beach.
  • After surviving 20 km running, I am sure I can survive the dentist next week, too.
  • Should I opt for some proper training plan? I am a bit afraid that the regularity would kill my idea of the freedom that running brings. On the other hand, I could use some (semi)professional guidance in order to avoid the common mistakes.

… and then my 30 minutes were over and I ran home…

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8 thoughts on “Recovery Run Random Ramblings

  1. Renča on said:

    It IS normal to sit in front of computer, feeling achy all over and search for next races 🙂 I love this time!

    • Good to hear – I thought there is no logic in it. Right now, I would not be capable of running anything longer than a couple of miles. But the itch is already there.

  2. plustenner on said:

    I am really keen to do the Amsterdam or Rotterdam marathon 🙂

    • Great – they are both very well attended and popular races. Rotterdam is always in April, can be windy but not too cold. and Amsterdam is in October – still places to register but it might collide with your Luton Marathon I think?

  3. Congratulation to your great race !! … i am sorry, but as always … I am late :))). It seems you are just plain hooked 🙂 … there’s no cure to this … except running more and then some :))
    ad barefoot running – I believe in this, although I am not doing it myself. I am not that far yet. I was “flat feet” running for a decade with the best possible inserts in my most ever cushioned shoes. It took me over a year to get to lightweight, zero arch support, no insert shoes (La Sportiva’s Cross-Lite) and I am happy with that. I will try some bare foot running when I get a chance, but will not push it. Several of my friends tried too much and now bare the horrible consequences. My personal opinion is that in order to go barefoot (or vibram 5fingers) you need to be way more patient than with any of your regular (half/ultra) marathon training …
    ad regular training plan … well, it seems like you know the answer already 😉

    in any case … good luck with your next endeavor! … it get’s only better!

    • Thank you so much. I do remember one of your first encouraging comments to my blogging in January, during Janathon, when I pushed myself to go to the dark, cold, windy and rainy winter night to run my daily mileage. I was so surprised that a ‘real runner’ (even an ultra!) bothers with reading of my ramblings – and I went out there and came back wet and half frozen and happy and it went better from there.
      As for barefoot ideas: For start, I would not do more than hopping around the beach a bit, more as a recovery than real running, just to get the feeling a bit.

  4. KutyaRuntheWorld on said:

    hehe,,, actualy I have dentist this week too (after Trail Šutr54) :-)))

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