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3 days to go

This morning the organizers of Leiden Marathon sent us a reminder that our race is to start in 3 days. As if I did not know! I have trouble in falling asleep for days already, my metabolism has gone crazy, my legs feel heavy (after 5 km of running yesterday evening I had to stop!), my breath is shallow, both knees aching now, not to mention my mind and the voices in my head that keep telling me that there is no way to manage a 20+ km run! What is going on?

I guess it is the pre-race stress and I keep calming myself down that everybody feels it one way or another and that it is a good thing as it helps me to get focused. Or am I just fooling myself? Let’s not forget I was not making any proper long runs in the last month, my body has probably already forgotten my first (and last) 17km training run…

Nevertheless, on Sunday morning, I am predetermined to be out there and fight everything that comes across my path (myself to start with). My first priority is to finish the race. If things go well I would be very happy with any time under 2:30.

P.S. No explanation for this move – but I did register V and me for the 10 km Mattoni Grand Prix in Prague on September 8.

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7 thoughts on “3 days to go

  1. KutyaRuntheWorld on said:

    sorry to hear that 😦 I hope you will be okay to the event.

  2. Good luck! You’ll be fine… Try to enjoy it too!

  3. Well, I am sure you will enjoy it… Obviously, given all problems you mentioned it will be more challenging but, … long distance running per se is a challenge, isn’t it? 🙂
    GOOD LUCK! I cross all of my fingers! Cheers, 12:)

    • Thanks to all! And yes, I do realise that ‘all my problems’ are in fact tiny little bugging issues that should noy be considered at all. So I will try my best to disregard sthem fully. Back on Sunday afternoon…

  4. plustenner on said:

    Good luck! you will finish no problem!!

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