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I ran 500 km in 4 months

That’s one small step for a real runner but a giant leap for me! No way I ever predicted anything like this for myself! The Janathon kick-off did its trick (cannot wait for Juneathon), then some of the (Czech) running blogs, the smell of the road, the air in my hair and here I was, all addicted to running and to my body, my own customized endorphin factory.

As the running mileage started increasing, all other activities, especially indoors, started to seem like a waste of time. I felt like there was no proper workout unless my T-shirt got all wet. And it always gets wet when running.

Little by little I started looking into the possibilities of longer runs. I ran distances longer than 10 km regularly and enjoyed the inner peace that usually came during longer runs immensely. I registered for the 1/2M and set up my personal (secret) goal to reach 1000 miles in 2012…

… And then my knee started hurting. We still don’t quite know what the cause is and if it is related to my previous injury at all but as I work together with my physiotherapist on getting back on track, I am forced to rediscover the beauty of other activities as well. So I humbly apologize to you, swimmers, golfers, bikers and hikers for being a fool and lifting ‘my running’ above your sports. For the coming weeks and months, I am joining all of you to retain my physical shape without impacting the knee too badly.

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8 thoughts on “I ran 500 km in 4 months

  1. Wow lady, 500 kilometres is amazing, well done you!
    Sending your knee lots of get better soon vibes… like you say though it will help you find new sports to try and enjoy whilst you recover. I will be looking forward to reading your posts whatever sport, you’re always inspirational whatever you do!

  2. Hi there, how’s life and how are your abdominals doing? I count on your Juneathon participation as you’ve been tremendously supportive and motivating, too!

  3. Life is good, I’m still training hard I seem elusive as I’ve been doing most of my documenting on Tribesports at the moment. I really need to get on my blog more often! I’m signed up and ready to go for Juneathon, it will get me back into the flow of blogging again as well 🙂 What’s your action plan moving forward, swimming or cycling or both? x

    • Juneathon = good! I will try to keep running shorter distances as I prefer running rather than swimming. Bike is a good alternative as long as I can bike outside.

  4. 500k is amazing – well done. Hope you heal quickly and get back on the road – some cross training is good for you anyway!

  5. 12honzade on said:

    Great, simply great! Keep running! 12:)

  6. I will. I do. Hopefully mu physiotherapist does not read this blog…

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