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Happy Easter Running

The Easter weekend is almost over and it was good. My mother and April enjoying themselves with good food, talking and cuddling, me and V spending two mornings on the road (10 and 12 km). Both our runs were easy going and rather enjoyable. We managed to run next to each other, talk a bit, focus a bit, get tired but not too much… I think we found a pace that is ‘runnable’ at the 1/2M next month. Mum is leaving tomorrow morning and this might have been the last time for her to be with April.

Btw, this is the picture we chose for our Team AprilRuns shirts:

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8 thoughts on “Happy Easter Running

  1. Beautiful photograph… big hugs to April, she looks like such a sweetheart.

    Really lovely to hear that you had such a good get together over Easter, some great miles you fitted in there as well!

    • Thanks. April always looks cute on pictures. Somehow she KNOWS she is good looking, haha. Sound asleep now after my mother baked a double Wiener schnitzel for her.

  2. 1/2M next month? … cool! … I am sure you can do it, and I am really looking forward to read how you liked it. There is something special about being surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people. Good luck!

    • Hi Shadow, how are your knees healing? As you might have read earlier, the idea of 1/2M is pretty much triggered by our thoughts on how to honour our ill dog. Sounds funny and trivial now that I write it but hey, it is our own motivation so who is the judge here… I know the distance is not all that impressive, however, for me as a starter it is quite a knee-shaker. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for being out there to support me virtually.

      • My knees are laready OK. The scars heal in about two weeks, its a pink dot now, sort of looks funny since I am rather dark skinned 😉 … not a single fall yet since Salida 🙂
        I think that to start your running carreer with 1/2M is actually pretty impressive and shows that you are quite courageous. I really aplaud this. Most of the other people (including myself) start with 5Ks, then wonder if they can manage 10K and fret the transition to even longer distances. Nothing wrong with that, both aproaches are absolutely OK … although I like yours a little bit more ;))
        .. and concerning honoring your dog … well, runners VERY often do some races or some special solo runs in order to honor someone, something or promote some cause. I think this is one nobel aspect of the sport – while truly an individual activity, there is nothing selfish about it. You get my thumbs up! … and April of course too!

      • You do realise what kind of pressure you put on me now? Rain, wind, pain, dark, lack of time – no matter what, I am out there.

  3. Beautiful dog – I want hugs!

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