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Back in lowlands

As some of you already know, our quick US holiday week was great. We have managed to ski, walk, run, ride a snowmobile and of course talk (and drink) with friends and enjoy our free time.

Some statistics for our Seattle/Eureca week below:

Running: 26 km (all my solo early morning runs with loads of endorphins)

Skiing: 3 days (all powder snow!!!)

Snow mobile: 24 miles.

Snow mobile accidents (falls into tree wells): 2

Children tought how to ski: 2

Total children met: 9

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2 thoughts on “Back in lowlands

  1. Welcome home! It really sounds like you had an amazing holiday in the snow… how did you manage to fit it all in such a small space of time?! You made me laugh with your snow mobile accident stat, sounds like something I’d do!

  2. Thanks, happy to be back as well. It was a busy week indeed – but busy in the best sense of the word. Snow mobile was a bonus: powder snow everywhere!

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