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Sleepless in Seattle

After 2 days without running, at the beginning of this morning the well known running bug hit me with its full strength. The jet lag helped a lot so here I am, at 6.30 am quietly sneaking out of our friends’ house (greater Seattle area) going for a run.

I decided to run for about 45 minutes just to explore the neighborhood. The snow on the dark road was fresh and crisp and everything around was silent. As I ran on, little by little the dawn was setting in. At one point, I passed a farm and heard the cows enjoying their breakfast.

The road was a bit hilly which is usually a problem for my legs spoiled by the perfect flatness of Dutch landscape. However, today I felt no pain. There was just the joy caused by freedom that only early morning run can cause.

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2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Seattle

  1. That sounds so beautiful, I’m so glad you got a chance to go for a run! There’s nothing better then the feeling like you can run for miles… No pain just a feeling of freedom 🙂 enjoy your time in Seattle, I’m rather jealous! x

  2. Indeed, it was a great experience: Last week, almost every day I got up on my own and left the warm lodge to run in sub-zero temperatures. And as I was returning, my friends had hot coffee ready for me :-).

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