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Janathon Day 24

Me: “How comes you missed me? I am wearing a bright orange jacket and I was waiting exactly on the spot I told you I would be.”

My big brother: “You’ve lost 100 kg since I last saw you so I just did not recognise you.”

Even though I’ve only lost 24 kg, this was the most motivating remark in many years.

Back to Janathon: 7 km on the treadmill today. I am sure, my dear readers, that you will allow me and V. to share a pizza tonight.

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One thought on “Janathon Day 24

  1. Thanks for comment… Not amazing, just crazy sometimes haha

    Excellent for staying on the treadmill longer! Try and break it down into blocks of time and adjust the speed/ incline, it makes the time on the treadmill go by faster. Just take it easy though, don’t do too much too fast


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