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Janathon Day 22

Woke up at 6.45 am, alone. V. was downstairs watching Kim Clijsters at Australian Open. Dressed up and departed. It was dark and quiet outside. The peaceful sphere disappeared behind the first corner where the blizzardish wind caught me. I have decided to attempt for a 8-10 km run, just to see how far I would feel like running and whether this is a start of a Sunday-early-morning-long-run tradition? Except for the wind, everything went surprisingly well. I did not even think about the time (the best evidence being my watch forgotten at the dinner table). It was just me and the road. I felt like singing along with the Dixie Chicks in my earphones so I did – sorry people for waking you up.

Back at home I quickly changed and went to the gym for a biking hour – just to allow my legs some different sensation. Of course V. could not resist asking me if I was going for a swim later on as well? Ehm, no. I am not a tri-person. Attended a tri race twice before and don’t have the ambition to it the third time. But then again, I never had an ambition to start running either.

Walked with April and then collapsed on the sofa. Am done for today – feeling tired and great.

So – what’s the plan for February? Any Febathon thoughts out there?

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One thought on “Janathon Day 22

  1. great workout!


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