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Janathon Day 20

I did not do the early morning run today. I did not have any time during the lunch break either (lunch break being dedicated to April, of course). I will not feel like running BEFORE the dinner with the boys (too many people out there, too many cars and besides, the dinner must be cooked first) and now I am thinking it might be too late for a night run AFTER the dinner. Or would such a run still count for today – even though the major part of it would actually take place tomorrow? I suppose the evening with the boys won’t finish before midnight. And is it a good idea at all to run when drunk? I won’t be drinking. I hope. Not too much that is. Or shall I skip the running altogether? But I’ve only done the 2 km April-walk which is a result way below my Janathon standards! It’s raining. It’s windy. I want to run. Later tonight. Perhaps. Or now?

7.08 pm – back from my 5 km loop. Janathon Day 20: done and dusted. Now to the kitchen to fetch the dinner…

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One thought on “Janathon Day 20

  1. I am really happy for you that you managed to get out and run a bit after all. In my opinion, every run counts. Training-wise, some of such runs may not be worth much, but in the big scope of things the runs like today are absolutely essential. I always feel stronger and more confident knowing that I indeed can overcome such difficulties and resist the temptation to call it a day without running. Sometimes later, you will look into a mirror (provided you have any doubts) and see the runner inside, not because you run when the weather is nice and you are fresh and have all the spare time at hand, but because you got out when it is difficult, when it hurts and when you want to quit – but you don’t.
    Of course, sometimes it is truly impossible to go out and run and you should not feel guilty if your mileage stays zero that day. Just look forward to your next run and imagine how far your feet can carry you.


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