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Janathon Day 17

One of the advantages of having a dog is that one is forced to go outside 3-4 times a day. So I thought. Eight years ago, just before picking the white fluffy puppy, I was picturing myself and April running on the beach, summer and winter, sun and rain. In my silly view, April would become a kind of my personal trainer – one that does not yell.

Little did I know about a Great Pyr: the most stubborn, lazy and independent breed one can pick. These large white hairy dogs are bred to live independent lives in the mountains, to guard and protect their flocks against predators of all kinds. They are survivors and they don’t need anyone (especially not me!) to tell them what to do.

Soon after bringing April home, we discovered that there is a new boss now. April will run if and when she wants to (stimulated by cats, huge chunks of cheese, dry pig ears,…). And she won’t move one bit if she doesn’t feel like it (being sleepy, seeing me in a morning rush,…). She will not run to fetch a ball that we threw into the sea (Why do you throw it away if you need it, stupid?) and she will definitely not run with me on early mornings anywhere. She will not even walk with us on the leash to places she does not want to be at.

At the same time, she loves us to bits and whenever she spots anything remotely resembling any kind of danger to us (= her flock), she is ready to sacrifice her life to protect and rescue us.

She is the biggest friend one can wish for: calm and cuddly and happy and funny at all times.

But the running thing (or gym work out as tonight) I have to do on my own…

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2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 17

  1. april looks gorgeous. odie is my running buddy, and he’s always ready to go.

  2. She’s gorgeous! And sounds a little bit like me when it comes to running or not running (although I’m rarely motivated by dried pigs’ ears)

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