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Janathon Day 15

Woke up at 6.30 am and went running. Hard to describe the feeling – but you, runners, will understand. I was predetermined to try a long run – in my world that would be anything around 10 km. It was still dark when I left home and I am sure I was the only moving object within miles. The crisis stroke me at the second km. What got into me? Why didn’t I stay in bed? I drank some water and decided to continue for a couple of minutes and then to return home.

An hour later I was still on my way, enjoying every second of it. The day was slowly waking up – but as it is Sunday, it was still very very quiet. Just weak bits of a day light, coming in little by little… Beautiful, fascinating, worth the pain in my legs I am feeling now. 12.3 km.

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3 thoughts on “Janathon Day 15

  1. What a fantastic Sunday morning run! You should be really happy with that mileage 🙂
    You’ve made me even more enthused about getting out today x

  2. I often have that conversation with my body during the first few minutes. Wonderful description of the benefits of keeping going!

  3. Well done you! Sweet deals!

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