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Janathon Day 14

The plan was an early morning run before V. wakes up. The reality kind of copied our regular weekends: sleepy mornings…

We both went to gym and did some treadmill running again. I managed 5 km just under 35 minutes  which delivered a brief happy smile on my face – until the moment the nice lady next to me asked: “Was it just flat running? Why didn’t you do any incline?” I threw my water bottle in her face.

I know, I am a snail – but one that is improving!

After a delicious brunch at home (egg, bacon and avocado sandwich worth 900+ calories…) we rewarded ourselves with a nice easy walk downtown. How comes the cappuccino in town always tastes better than the one at home?

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2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 14

  1. “just flat running” = Just Fine!

  2. You should have thrown your water bottle in her face… And told her to mind her own business


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