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Last day of 2011

April runs? Not quite… April usually does not spend any time by wasting energy, especially when physical activities would be involved. But as the only alternative name of this blog we came up with was Wounded Knee, I figured involving April was a better choice.

Why blogging? I signed up for Janathon 2012.

Two years ago I broke my left knee (yes, it is possible) while skiing and after the recovery I started seriously considering impoving my physical condition and loosing weight. This resulted in several months of thinking and doing nothing until I found a great gym. I joined on September 1 this year and regularly attended all 4 months. The result so far is rather astonishing. I lost weight and I started running. And although I might be the slowest jogger that crosses your path, I am out there :-).

Oh, for those who want to see April, here is probably the best shot:

So today we had a resting day, just a short walk downtown. Getting ready for the D-day tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Last day of 2011

  1. Good luck for janathon!

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